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About the Project


Green & Eco-Friendly

A Model Master Planned Residential Community without HOA Restrictions. 27% of the total 22.2-acres in the Hummingbird Homes Community has been set aside in four Open Green-Space Common Area Parks. Enjoy fresh organically grown oranges and pineapple galore, on this subdivided scenic citrus farm, with over 1,000 producing orange trees, over 1,000 pineapple and an assortment of banana and other citrus trees, plus an assortment of native hardwood trees.


19 Breath-takingly Spacious Lots, Ranging from 0.38 to 1.21-acres on South-facing upper slope. 1/2 mile East of Hummingbird Highway Mile Marker 24.4, overlooking what “AAA Magazine” calls “The Most Scenic Road in Central America”. A 12-minute walk to the village of Hummingbird Community (Population 200-people-and-growing-rapidly), in the most scenic southern District of Stann Creek, close to the second biggest barrier reef in the World. Just a 30-minute drive to the Ocean.

Safe & Affordable

Hummingbird Homes Subdivision is Safe & Secure: Gated With 24/7 On Site Resident Security and Farm Management Team. A heavy-duty locking chain gate will be installed at both the Main Entrance and the Utility Easement Entrance.

Below-market, Developer Financing, including “Double-Oh-Three” Financing — 0%-Down-Payment/at 0%-Interest/on 3-Year Amortization. Home sites range in price from US $28,296 to US $104,544. See a full list of lot prices.


Reputable Developer, Delivering Registered Legal Conveyance Deeds (Titles) Unusually Fast For Only $1,000 USD Processing Fee-Per-Deed. Purple Cats, Ltd.; a five-year-old Belize Chapter 250 Company; 100% Owned and Managed by 55-year-old American, Robert P. Taylor, who’s a 20-plus-year Licensed American General Contractor, Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, and experienced Real Estate Developer in Belize. For the protection of all our investors, all contracts stipulates as A Key Term of Sale that the “escrowed” funds of each investor in Hummingbird Homes (hereafter “HH”) will not be released to pay attorneys and realtors until AFTER each investor gets “their money’s worth;” that is, HH sales are structured to keep participating attorney’s and realtor’s motivated to promptly complete the process of getting their clients the Legal Registered Conveyance Deed (what “Titles” are called in the British-based Belizean Lands System). Moreover, as a result of Robert Taylor working closely with key civil servants in the Government of Belize, Robert has already obtained the complete set of Legal, properly printed and prepared Conveyance Deeds–with attached copies of the Final Approved and highlighted Legal Authenticated Plat of Survey Site Plan–for each and every one of the 24 HH home sites.

With this six-inch-high stack of “cocked and loaded” legal documents, all that needs to be done administratively to process each land sale is for Mr. Taylor to “pull off the shelf” from this set of completed forms the applicable lot deed, print in the name and contact information of each new investing Owner, affix Robert’s Notarized dated signature, then send these Conveyance Deeds to his very experienced, reliable and professional two-man Belizean civil servant team in the Government of Belize, who Robert has standing by to HAND CARRY this paperwork through channels to become a Legal Registered Deed of Conveyance for each HH lot.

Though attorneys in Belize typically charge clients over $4,000USD for this service that usually takes these attorneys well over six-months to complete, $1,000 USD Per Deed is the set Total Processing Fee (excluding Government Sales and Transfer Taxes). Reputable developer, Purple Cats, Ltd, expects to get HH investors/buyers their Registered Deeds in less than 120-days, thereby completing a process that normally takes over 90% of the other investors/buyers in Belize an average of six to 12-months to achieve. Plus, for the protection of our investors and Mr. Taylor’s reputation, Mr. Taylor is only willing to work with the most reputable realtors/brokers in Belize, who agree to the terms stipulated in “The Hummingbird Homes Nonexclusive Listing Sales Agreement.”

A Message from the Developer

Dear prospective Belize land investors and home owners:

Welcome, thanks and and congratulations for having the savvy to consider investing your hard-earned after-tax money in Belize — what many international real estate experts consider one of the very best, up-and-coming countries for future land value appreciation.

I respectfully invite you to take the enclosed virtual tour of Hummingbird Homes Master Planned Community. Many of the homesites are still Available for Purchase, view an up-to-date listing here. I have intentionally priced the Hummingbird Homes lots 15-25% below market rates to both sell them fairly quickly and to move the development of this subdivision forward.

From my eight-plus years of living and building homes in Belize, I have a large network of competent, trustworthy and reliable contractors who are standing by eager to give our Hummingbird Homes investors preferred “power of the group” contractor prices for all phases of design and construction.

Thanks and all my best,

Robert P. Taylor
Managing Director
Hummingbird Homes Subdivision
Purple Cats, Ltd
U.S. Cell 415-827-2525
601 Highway 50 (POB 800)
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448